LED Lights Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty Policy for Indoor LED Incorporated Wall Lamps

This Limited Warranty (in some cases also referred to as “Warranty Policy”’) specifies the standard terms and conditions on warranty for the sale by Signify of the MuralsPrint professional wall lamps listed below (for the purpose of this Standard Warranty all referred to as “Products’’.

  1. The obligations of the under warranty will be limited, at the option of MuralsPrint, to within a reasonable time, either repair or provide a replacement product for the Defective Product, or to an appropriate credit for the purchase price thereof. Repairs, replacements, or remedies will not extend or renew the applicable Warranty Period of 90 Days. MuralsPrint is entitled at its option to replace the Defective Product(s) covered by warranty with a product that has minor deviations in design and/or specifications which do not a-act the functionality of the Product. MuralsPrint may charge Customer for the reasonable costs incurred by MuralsPrint in relation to an alleged Defect or returned Product(s) that are found not to be a Defect, including for reasonable freight, testing, and handling costs.
  2. (De)mounting, (de)installation, removal and replacement of Products, structures or other parts of Customer’s facility, decontamination, and re-installation of (Defect) Products are not covered by the warranty provided hereunder. Customer will be responsible and shall bear the costs for these activities, including costs of access for remedial warranty e-orts by MuralsPrint.
  3.  Electrical supply conditions, including supply spikes, over-voltage/under-voltage and ripple current control systems that are beyond the specified limits of the Products and those set or denied by relevant supply standards for the Product. 
  4.  Improper wiring, installation or maintenance of Products not performed by (or for) MuralsPrint.
  5.  Failure to adhere to installation, operating, application, maintenance or environmental instructions or guidelines prescribed by MuralsPrint or any other document accompanying the Products, or applicable safety, industry and/or electrical standards or codes.
  6.  Failure to use the Products for the purposes for which these have been designed. 
  7.  Being subject to corrosive environments, excessive wear and tear, neglect, carelessness, accident, abuse, misuse, improper or abnormal use of the Products.
  8.  Any attempt at repair, alteration or modification not authorized by Signify in writing. 
  9.  Usage of LED products not considered the application instructions concerning potential pollution (VOIC) or cleaning.
  10. Lost Parts
  11. Failure due to improper handling or operation on the part of the buyer including failure to unstable an unstable power source. 
  12. A professional Electrician should conduct all LED Lightening installations.