Concrete Tiles Wallpaper

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 Availability Ships: 1-3 Business Days

 Material : Top Coated Vinyl Product

 Finish : Matte Finish( Non- Metallic )

 Repeat Pattern : Every 24” H

 Size Roll:  10’L x 24”W


Product Best Suitable For:

  * Flat and Slightly Textured Surfaces.

  * Satin Finish.

  * Bathroom Walls ( Moisture Resistant)



Product Is Not Suitable For:

 * Dirty Walls,

 * Rough Walls,

 * Fresh Painted Walls ( Wait time at least 4 weeks)

 * Semi-Gloss and Glossy Finish Walls ( Recommend a coat of Primer before application, otherwise it won’t stick to the wall)

 * Kitchen Countertops, 

 * Floors.



         *Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color shown on the pictures.         
         *  Please take additional measurements and order enough rolls, the next order might be slightly different because of the new batch.
         *Colors tones may vary due to different lighting in the room.    

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   Modern twist on a traditional design element is simple to install and even easier to remove, leaving no residue behind. Removable Wallpaper requires no water and no prep. The back of the paper features a removable adhesive that is already on the product and allows for removal by peeling away from the wall or other surface without tools,steam or water. Although it is not waterproof , this vinyl-coated product is appropriate for wet areas.  

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

10'L x 24''W = 20 sqf

4 reviews for Concrete Tiles Wallpaper

  1. Olivia Foster

    One of the things that somewhat surprised me is the versatility of this wallpaper. While it does adapt decently to different lighting conditions, I wouldn’t say it’s as stunning as you describe. The concrete texture does add some depth and character, but it falls short of making me feel like I’m dining in a stylish bistro. Moreover, the durability of the wallpaper is okay. It has held up decently against everyday wear and tear, but it hasn’t remained as pristine as the day I installed it.

  2. Madison Anderson

    I recently redecorated my bathroom with the Concrete Tiles Wallpaper, and I’m absolutely thrilled with the result. The way it plays with light and shadows throughout the day adds an extra layer of depth to the ambiance. Five stars without a doubt!

  3. Caleb Mitchell

    What sets this wallpaper apart is the attention to detail. While the texture and shading of the concrete tiles are well-done, I wouldn’t say it feels exactly like having a genuine concrete wall. I like it, but I wouldn’t say I love it as much.

  4. Ethan Parker

    The durability of the wallpaper is impressive. It’s been subjected to everyday wear and tear, and yet it retains its pristine appearance. Whether it’s the natural light that dances upon it during the day or the soft glow of my lamps in the evening, the Concrete Tiles Wallpaper has added a layer of depth and warmth to my living space that I didn’t know was possible. Amazing product!!

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