Rustic Wood Parquet Removable Wallpaper

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Size Roll 10’L x 24”W = 20 sqf

Design Pattern: 24.00 IN

Availability: Ships in 1-3 Business Days

Material: Top Coated Vinyl Product

Finish : Matte

Manufactured: USA

Returns: 10 Days Return Policy.  Buyer is responsible for return Item fees. Custom Orders are Non-Refundable.  


* Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.         

  *Colors tones may vary due to different lighting in the room.  

Product is not Suitable for:

*Rough Walls

*Fresh Painted walls( wait at least 4 weeks)

*Dirty walls.      

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This Modern twist on a traditional design element is simple to install and even easier to remove, leaving no residue behind. Removable Wallpaper requires no water and no prep. The back of the paper features a removable adhesive that is already on the product and allows for removal by peeling away from the wall or other surface without tools,steam or water. Although it is not waterproof , this vinyl-coated product is appropriate for wet areas.

The primed and painted surface should be clean and in good condition. Satin and Semi gloss paints work best.

Now homeowner and renters alike can go bold on a whim without worry about the commitment. It’ s like fashion – you love something one season, and the next season you don’t really love it anymore. It’s the modern Version. Why would you use regular wallpaper when you can use Removable Wallpaper?

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10'L x 24''W = 20 sqf

3 reviews for Rustic Wood Parquet Removable Wallpaper

  1. Jasper Whitman

    I added the Rustic Wood Parquet Wallpaper to my bathroom renovation just one month ago, all thanks to my coworker’s recommendation. The parquet design adds a touch of rustic charm, making each bath feel like a spa experience. Great customer service and great product! Thank you!

  2. Isolde Delaney

    I took the plunge and upgraded my kitchen with this Removable Wallpaper. The result has been somewhat impressive, but not exactly spectacular. The parquet design does bring a touch of elegance to my kitchen space, but it didn’t quite meet my highest expectations. I would recommend it, but not with overwhelming enthusiasm.

  3. Seraphina Monroe

    I decided to give my living room a rustic makeover with the Rustic Wood Parquet Removable Wallpaper, all thanks to my cousin’s brilliant suggestion. The transformation has been remarkable. The parquet design adds depth and character to my space, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. It’s like stepping into a countryside cottage. A solid five stars for this timeless and beautiful decor!

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